Pinhole Photos

"Play House"

With The Trees is a series of pinhole images taken with an oatmeal container. Yes you heard correct, an oatmeal container. Pinhole cameras are basically a light tight container with a small pin hole that focuses the light. One reason I chose a pinhole camera for this series is because of the very unique distortions made and the fact that I could get a very wide angle with the 8x10 darkroom enlarger paper I used.

The series With The Trees are pictures taken one tree at a time seeking a singular perspective and with the addition of each image the viewer is "With The Trees". "Play House" is a picture of a tree that I remember fondly from my childhood. I remember many wonderful moments of swinging from a tire swing and playing in the play house. Me and my sisters would twist the rope and spin as fast as we could in the tire swing. A lot of times I wish I could return to those more simpler times of my life.

The distortions in this image create a picturesque dream like effect that make those memories feel like a dream. I'm sure you also have a tree from your childhood that you remember fondly.

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