Slow Photography


Yeah! Yippee! It's 2019. Yes I know I'm late to the party and everyone has gone home. The janitor is even looking at me strange like "Why is he here?". By now 2019 is an old thing and pretty soon it will be February March April May June July. Don't let that depress you there's plenty of ways to slow life down. For instance, watching paint dry or playing a nice game of who blinks first will make those moments last forever.

Large format photography will also slow your life down. In 2018 I started with large format pinhole photography then also started taking pictures with a large format view camera the good old Ansel Adams way. Even grew a bit of a beard. It's 2019 now and my beard is down to just stubble. Even going to hit up a treadmill to some Rocky music because I'm determined to kick this large format photography thing into high gear! (I think that's like a power walk or something).

Anyway rant over. Time to get back to work...


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