Project: Pinhole Cameras

Currently, I'm taking pictures with a wooden 4x5 pinhole camera. 4x5 refers to the size of the film the camera uses (Yes, good old film). The most popular format that film cameras use are 35mm (36×24 mm). A 4x5 film negative would be in the category of large format photography ( larger negative) while a popular medium format film size would be 120mm. Digital camera sensors are often referring to the size of 35mm film with the term "full frame". The idea is larger film more detail in images etc. The images from Pinhole cameras are not usually incredibly sharp though.

The video below is of me talking about my 4x5 pinhole camera and some film that I'm using.

Pinhole cameras don't have lenses like conventional cameras so a characteristic of them is that everything is in focus in the image. People don't take pictures with pinhole cameras for the sharpness or the detail though (because they're usually not that sharp) they take pictures with them for the creative unique images they make. Any light tight container can be made into a pinhole camera and this creates infinite possibilities including the distortions of the image below.

^This image was created with an oatmeal container pinhole camera using photographic darkroom enlarger paper as the negative. The above image is from the series With The Trees (2013)

The images from my 4x5 wooden pinhole camera should be without any distortion. Hopefully, I will be able to get some photographs posted soon from my 4x5 pinhole camera after I've developed the film.

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