Photobook Printer Review: Saal Digital

I recently got a voucher to try out a photobook from Saal Digital, a company that prints

high-end photo books. This was the first time I've heard of this particular company and I thought I would give them a try. I wasn't disappointed.

saal digital program

Saal Digital advertises high-end photobooks and from what I've found they deliver on that with books that have excellent image quality and color rendition. To make my photo book I downloaded Saal Design Software from there website. I found the program simple and really easy to use to design and order a quick photo book. They also provide a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to help configure the programs to design a photobook which is the option I would use for more freedom in the design process. I also found it very pleasant that Saal digital has profiles on their website for soft proofing with their different paper types which is basically a must if you want to offer truly high-end photobooks. I made sure all my images were bright enough and ordered my book with great results!

The photo book I ordered was the hardcover 7.5 x 7.5 photo book with glossy pages. The pages were really thick which was a great surprise! Saal offers options like leather covers and padded covers and even a gift box. The option I chose was their regular option which is unpadded. I found their print quality great and the glossy paper helped make the images colorful and vibrant. Saal advertises the book as a layflat photobook and the book did, in fact, lay flat making for easy flipping and viewing of the pages.

Instead of a giant manufacturer logo on their photobooks, Saal uses a tiny barcode. You can pay extra for a book without their barcode but the thing is so tiny and indiscreet that I wouldn't ever pay for it to be removed. I wish other photobook manufactures would just use a tiny barcode.

I'm already thinking up reasons to order again from Saal so I can get another one of their photobooks in my hands. I'm thinking about giving this book to one of my Instagram followers as a gift.

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