Furniture Naturally Grown From A Tree: Tree Shaping

Imagine a world where everything was made out of plants in their natural state. You'd go to your house that is some sort of extravagant tree house, Lay in a bed that seemingly is growing straight out of the ground and you'd, of course, sit in a chair that has the natural form of a tree. Well, at least the last part may be about to come to fruition in a commercial way.

A company called Full Grown Ltd. based in the UK is working on bringing naturally grown and shaped furniture to the market. Their aspiration is to:

"create a ‘Grown Furniture Industry’ which is capable of transforming how we produce beautiful objects, reduces damage to the environment, encourages creation of new eco-systems, and inspires people and organizations to get involved around the world"

I first learned about this company in 2017 from their Kickstarter program that was fully funded. A top tier pledge of $6,240 got you a prototype of their arm chair but now they have a small selection of products on their website. One of their lamps cost around $1,778.13. I look at it like purchasing a work of art. A nice sculpture can cost you that much. You'd almost have to think of it that way because otherwise, it would be hard for a person to substantiate spending so much money on a chair or a lamp. Hopefully, they will get far enough along to create and sell a more high volume cheaper utility design. Personally, I'd like a tree chair that looks like their prototype they call The Floating Green Chair...(it would make a great conversation piece). I'd buy that in a heartbeat, if I had that type of money of course, but I guess that is true of everything.

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