Stickwork: Sculptures That Degrade Back To The Earth

Some artist just sort of blow my mind and I am sort of dumbfounded to be honest. Patrick Dougherty is one of them. His "Stickwork" sculptures are great and I love the concept. Most of his sculptures degrade over time and return to the earth. So...umm yeah. More of this stuff please.

Check out more of his work at

I want to share this video of the artist at work.

He also talks about himself and his art in the video.

The YouTube description to the video is:

"Patrick Dougherty bends, weaves and flexes saplings into architectural sculptures that dynamically relate to the landscape and built environment around them. In this video, Patrick talks briefly about his background and what he is planning for PEM's first public art installation."

PEM stands for The Peabody Essex Museum. He built a sculpture for them in 2015.


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