The Magic of Infrared

infrared tree sfa

Why do I love digital infrared? Well at first I didn't. It took me a while to figure it out. The biggest thing I hated was working with the Hoya filter I bought so I could shoot IR. My exposure times were very LONG. I mean, minutes long. If you've ever seen an infrared filter the first thing you would notice is that it is completely black just about. The second thing I hated was all the post-processing I had to do to turn that reddish brownish image into something beautiful.

hoya ir filter r72

Now I will tell you why I love it and why the reason I hated using an infrared filter doesn't seem to matter anymore. The thing is that those long exposure times allows me to take pictures during a time of day that it normally wouldn't be advisable to take pictures. So you might be a bit surprised when you see me out at around noon taking pictures in the HOT Texas sun. More sun only seems to make using an IR filter all the better.

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