The Artist Project: The Way Artist Look At Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art started a web series back in 2015 called The Artist Project where from March 2015 to June 2016 they invited 120 artists to respond to artworks from The Mets collection and it has proven to be truly enlightening. The videos are short (around three minutes long usually) and very easy to absorb. The web series runs 6 seasons and this would be the perfect time to do a short binge watch off all the episodes. I guaranty you will come away from it looking a little closer at art and thinking a little differently.

The National Gallery: J.M.W. Turner's paintings

I ran across this wonderful video via a tweet from The National Gallery. If you get a chance they are a great follow if you love art. Heck, I'm a great follow on twitter if you like art @artandtrees. The video gives a fairly lengthy in-depth talk about one of J.M.W. Turner's paintings. It really is a treat! Especially if you've haven't gotten the chance to see this wonderful painting. Major museums have all gotten really good at taking advantage of social media these days. The Metropolitan Museum of Art even does live broadcast using Facebooks new Live Broadcast feature. I did a blog about one of their live broadcast on my website It seems that museums these days use every s

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