Furniture Naturally Grown From A Tree: Tree Shaping

Imagine a world where everything was made out of plants in their natural state. You'd go to your house that is some sort of extravagant tree house, Lay in a bed that seemingly is growing straight out of the ground and you'd, of course, sit in a chair that has the natural form of a tree. Well, at least the last part may be about to come to fruition in a commercial way. A company called Full Grown Ltd. based in the UK is working on bringing naturally grown and shaped furniture to the market. Their aspiration is to: "create a ‘Grown Furniture Industry’ which is capable of transforming how we produce beautiful objects, reduces damage to the environment, encourages creation of new eco-systems, an

Stickwork: Sculptures That Degrade Back To The Earth

Some artist just sort of blow my mind and I am sort of dumbfounded to be honest. Patrick Dougherty is one of them. His "Stickwork" sculptures are great and I love the concept. Most of his sculptures degrade over time and return to the earth. So...umm yeah. More of this stuff please. Check out more of his work at I want to share this video of the artist at work. He also talks about himself and his art in the video. The YouTube description to the video is: "Patrick Dougherty bends, weaves and flexes saplings into architectural sculptures that dynamically relate to the landscape and built environment around them. In this video, Patrick talks briefly about his background and wh

The Evergreen Tree: China-fir

Cunninghamia unicanaliculata (Cunninghamia lanceolata) common name: China-fir The China-fir is native to Central China and is a non-flowering evergreen tree. photo: China-fir, Stephen F. Austin State University Gardens The scientific name (Genus name) is in honor of James Cunninghame of the East India Company . He was a botanist who worked for the East India Company in China as a surgeon and was the first Englishman to make collections of plants in china. Apparently, he was one of the few survivors of a massacre at the East India Company at Emouï, East India companies failed attempt at establishing trade with Cochin China. It's an estimation that he died in 1709 on his way back to England. G

The Unwanted Seeds

I always would refer to this plant as just a weed and never would give much thought to what its real name is. Actually, I used to think that the name for this plant was just "weeds", but after I took this photograph back in 2014 I became curious about this unwanted plant. The real name of this plant is Paspalum notatum or Bahiagrass. Bahiagrass has characteristically "V" shaped seed heads and are usually unwanted in most settings which is why people call it a weed. "Seeds" by Marlon Mayfield weed: "A herbaceous plant not valued for use or beauty, growing wild and rank, and regarded as cumbering the ground or hindering the growth of superior vegetation... Applied to a shrub or tree, especiall

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