Human beings

My veins run deep into the soil They are my earthly wings. I do not know why they recoil In shame of what they bring. We were brought in chains a long time ago, That is what they told me so, Put on rock and forced to grow Even told where we should go. I do not know from where they’ve came. I do not know the seedlings name But somewhere deep beneath this earth Lie broken things. Rocks, Stones, and Human-beings. by Marlon Mayfield

The Unfinished Image

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently having a wonderful exhibition called Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible running from March 18 through September 4, 2016. I originally found out about this exhibition through a tour shown live using Facebook's new live broadcasting feature, so I was able to follow along on a short tour of the exhibition. Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible is an exhibit surveying the idea of the "unfinished" in visual arts. Of course, many artists leave artwork unfinished and even some play with the idea of the non finito or intentionally unfinished. There is probably not a productive artist who have ever lived that have completed every single work they set out to com

Tree of the Month: Chinese Fringe Tree

The tree of the month for April is the Chionanthus retusus or Chinese Fringe Tree from the Oleaceae Family. It is a beautiful flowering tree that is native to asia. The Chinese Fringe Tree is most often grown as a shrub. The picture below is of a small tree version.

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