The Impossible Image

Since the advent of black and white film, people have only seen things in black and white. Movies were in black and white, photographs were in black and white and everything seemed black and white. The majority of the history of the world we all remember is black and white until it would seem to me that people didn't wear anything colorful. For instance, by most pictures people would think that French troops in World War I wore all black, but they didn't the French wore blue uniforms in World War I. How would we be able to see this without the invention of Autochrome in 1903? The BBC documentary The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn is a great program about Autochromes being used to document th

Tree of 40 Fruit, Is it real?

Yes, there is a tree that actually grows forty different types of fruit. To be honest, when I first heard about it I thought it was a hoax to sale me some sort of new health food product but nope it's real and its great. Contemporary artist Sam Van Aken came up with the idea after his Eden exhibition where he grafted together over 1,000 fruits and vegetables. When he started the Tree of 40 Fruit project and had a hard time finding stone fruit varieties in New York he realized that in America we have sort of created these "massive monocultures" where only one type of fruit was being grown in an area where used to there would be many varieties. The example he gives is how most stone fruits are

Tree of the Month: Parrotia persica

Every month I will do a tree of the month. Why? Because what would the art be without the trees. This months tree is the Parrotia persica or Persian ironwood. Now I'm no tree expert but with a little help and research, there is a wealth of information about trees. Thanks to the Missouri Botanical Garden website's plant finder I found that the Persian Ironwood is a native of Northern Iran, Caucaus and can grow 20-40' tall. I took the picture below of a Persian ironwood at the wonderful Stephen F. Austin State Universite Gardens.

Trees are great!

Trees are great, but why? There are the strictly ecological reasons like they help clean the air and they help the soil, but think about how they look. Trees look pretty weird to me. The good type of weird. The picture below is of a tree that was on the side of a stream in which I believe erosion exposed the roots. Look how wired and amazing that is. Visually as a photographer I couldn't resist but to create an abstract image of this tree. I'd done several series just about trees before I'd realised that I wanted to know more about them. I wanted to know what other artist think about them and how they use them. I wanted to know more on how people interact with them and even what we call t

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